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Order Processing

Once you have finished placing your order on, the processing will take between 1 and 2 business days. Note that our team processes orders between Monday and Friday, 9am to 4pm EST


Estimated Delivery Date

You will receive the estimated date of delivery and cost when you choose your shipping method. Delivery date information is provided by Canada Post. Please note that your delivery may arrive before the estimated delivery date.


Where to have your order delivered

Canada Post delivers throughout the day, but usually between 9am and 6pm. Because a signature is required to take possession of all our shipments, we suggest having your order delivered to your usual daytime location. That way you increase your chances of being able to have your order delivered to you and being present to sign for it, and saving you the hassle of having to pick it up at the nearest post office.


Ensure that you provide us with the correct and complete address to prevent incurring any return shipping fees if the courier cannot deliver the package to the address indicated.



The products ordered become the responsibility of the buyer when they are given to Post Canada buy the Online Boutique of Studio 157.


In-Store Pickup: a practical and free option

If you happen to live in the Gatineau/Ottawa region, you may also pick up your order from one of our two stores, without paying any shipping fees. Simply choose this option when you are at the stage of choosing your shipping method in your shopping cart. Expect a delay of 7 to 8 business days for this shipping option. This delay exists because transfers from our warehouse to the stores only occur once a week. You will be contacted by telephone once the store has received your order. For security reasons, we oblige you to bring a printout of your receipt, the credit card used to pay for the order, and 2 pieces of identification when you pick up your order. You will also be asked to sign a document attesting to the pickup.