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Why join the Privilege Program of the online Boutique of Studio 157?

You earn Privilege Points with every purchase of a product (Aquafolia, Cellcosmet, G.M. Collin, Yonka)!  Simply shop for what you need, want and love and earn 3 % of Privilege Points. In fact, this 3 % transforms itself in dollars to use on future purchase!

How can you join?

Everyone is eligible, and membership is free! If you are an existing customer you will earn Privilege Points automatically once you login to your customer account and make a purchase. If you are a new customer, take a moment to create an account and start earning Privilege Points on every purchase.

How do you earn Privilege Points?

1. Buy buying your products via the Online Boutique of Studio 157.
2. Privilege Points will be deposited into your account.


For example:

If you buy for $ 69.85 of product(s) you will obtain $ 2.10 of Privilege Points in your account.  In fact, the amount of your purchase (before taxes, any promotion and delivery) times 3 % gives $ 2.10 dollars that can be applied on a future purchase.

How to use your Privilege Points?

Whenever you buy you can accumulate your Privilege Points.

If you wish to use your Privilege Points in your future orders you will enter the amount you wish to use at the space provided when purchasing. The amount of Privilege Points (dollars) you have indicated will be subtracted from your order total.

Terms and Conditions:

- By products we mean Aquafolia, Cellcosmet, G.M. Collin or Yonka products. The gift cards are not considered as products.

- Privilege Points cannot be applied towards, a promotion or shipping and/or taxes.

- Privilege Points cannot be transferred to another party

- Privilege Points have no cash value and are not exchangeable for cash.

- Privilege Points cannot be assigned, exchanged, purchased or given by gift. Privilege Points cannot be sold, traded, bartered, rented or otherwise disposed of Privilege Points are void if sold for cash or any other consideration.

- Privilege Points can be earned and redeemed online for products only. They cannot be applied towards gift certificates or services on line or in store.

- Privilege Points will be deposited into your customer account after the completion of your transaction.

- Privilege Points are only accumulated on shipped orders.

- If you return, exchange or cancel any part of your order you will not receive Privilege Points for the item(s) cancelled, returned or exchanged.

- Once you use your Privilege Points towards on an order, you will not receive any new Privilege Points on that order.  Any Privilege Point that is earned on an order can only be used on your future orders; they cannot be applied to your current order and have to be used in total.

- The Privilege Points have to be used within two (2) years of the date they have been issued.

- The terms and condition of the program can change without notice.

- If there is a difference between the english and french text, the french text prevails.